Princess Tikka Masala

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Kaye Serrah has some alarming news for the Franks.

Dear Mr & Mrs Frank,

I am writing to your with some most alarming news.

Today Princess Tikka Masala, exiled ruler of the Channa Dahl, was released from hospital which was considered to be a good thing.

From the hospital she was required to go to the police station to give a sworn affidavit regarding what she saw at the Western Union office during that most unfortunate episode with the pig. This was considered to be a dull but necessary thing.

While she was there a small man burst into the police station, apparently hoping to release his wife from custody. This was considered to be an admirable if somewhat foolhardy thing.

In the course of the events the man took Princess Tikka Masala hostage. This was considered to be a very bad thing.

I have attached a newspaper article for you to read.

I will keep you informed but as part of my duties to the Princess I may be required to rescue her. I hope not but we will see what happens.

The Princess has not forgotten your need for the money. She also needs the larger amount of money of which you talk. But she begs your understanding in an awkward situation. She will arrange for the money to be send at the first opportunity.

Yours sincerely,

Kaye Serrah.

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