Princess Tikka Masala

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Kaye Serrah, the Princess' double, writes to the Franks.

There is a cameo role for Minnie Bannister.

Dear Mr & Mrs Frank,

I do not know if the Princess has mentioned me to you.

My name is Kaye Serrah and I am Princess Tikka's personal double. It is my job to dress like the Princess and to act as a decoy in public to lure away assassins and journalists. Much of a muchness, I am sure you would agree.

No, I am not from Channa Dahl, but I do bear a stunning likeness to the Princess. Even some of her closest friends have difficulty telling us apart.

Yesterday the Princess asked me to proceed on her behalf to the city, to act as if I was going to a Western Union office to be found there. This I did. Mean time, the Princess headed towards another Western Union office.

She was standing in the line at the counter waiting to be served when a pig flew through the window and killed the lady standing in front of her.

I can understand your disbelief. It is exactly what I felt when they told me. I have attached an article about it for you to read.

The effect on the Princess was dramatic. She screamed and collapsed.

She is currently in hospital under sedation. We are hoping that she will be released on the weekend.

She asked me to contact you because she knew how worried you would be.

She sends you her love,

Yours sincerely,

Kaye Serrah.

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