Princess Tikka Masala

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Sandra Franks writes again:

Hello princess,

I sent you a mail yesterday.I came to the office this morning and there is no reply.How are you,i hope you are feeling fine now.Please i want to hear from you let me know how you are fairing over there.Bye.

Sandra frank Mrs.

Tikka thanks her for her concern and asks her to tell her husband that she shall send the money herself tomorrow.

Dear goodly wife of my brother Dr Alex,

I am thanking you greatly from the basement of my heart for your warmly concern and womanly thoughts.

It is being most comforting to my inner being to be knowing that you are caring for myself, poor and miserable wretch that I am being.

Much of today was being engulfed in the aftermathematics of the rueful deadedness of my two trusted companions. I was spending my time sorting their affairs, covering their bodies with oily annoints and entering into the sacred rituals of Liberalparti, the heartless God of the socially unliving.

Sadly for my goodly brother, today I was caught between a rock and a spot that is hardly a place for a rock. On one hand, I am thinking my rightly hand, I am being obligated to attend my faithful menfolk, such as they are deadly. But on my other hand, by rights being my left, I am feeling woeful that I have not been able to be sending the monies to your goodly husband, my brother Dr Alex. On my third hand, being a Princess of a religious obscurity I am permitted such dexterity, I am being aware that the monies to come to me from the transactions of your goodly brother will be being greatly rewarding to my cause.

This transferring of monies I must be doing tomorrow.

Please be passing this information on to him.

Your goodly sister,


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