Princess Tikka Masala

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A little reassurance from Dr Alex:

Dear Sister,

Your mail of 17th August was received .Please my good sister, I heard all you said. CHARLES NOEL is the full meaning and he is not in any way a devil incarnet. He is also working here in the central bank. I gave him the mail to sent to you because I was not in the office on that very day.

Thanks for been observant. Anybody sending mail to you, please do let me know, I promise you there is no problem. I don't know any devil and I will not in any means have anything to do with it.I have read all your mails.

Once more, looking forward from Mr Hans as you have instructed. Everything is still under my control. Do not lose hope now as I have taken all the necessary steps required.


Your lovely brother,


A little reassurance from Mrs Dr Alex:


With deep sorrow I received your mail , I was looking forward to replying your mail before you sent another one. I asked my honey what this your mail meant for and narrated a bit of the sad news to me. I am sorry because itās not easy losing a loved one. I wish I could be closer to console you more but al the same out of sight is not out mind.

I am expecting to hear from you more.

I stop here till then.

Yours one

Mrs Sandra Frank

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