Princess Tikka Masala

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But after thinking about it for a little while I send the following:

Dear Goodly Brother,

I am being most suspicious of every little thing today. When someones knockers are on my door I am diving for the flooring.

This very morning I received an email which was being said to have come from yourself but was being sent by and signed by a Charles Noel mystery man.

Are you knowing this man? I am being most anxious about this thing.

Noel? No L? Charles with no L is Chares. Chares is the scythe bearing God of the sulphurous worlds of Hell. His is being a most inopportune omen to be having arrive on the doorstep at any time; but especially now.

What is it that you know of Charles with no L? Be frank with me Dr Alex, my brother, are you being an agency of the devil?

I was being with plans to send my masseur, Hans, to Western United tomorrow to be sending to you the monies you require but if this is to be a tithe to the scythe, a payment to the very Devil himselves, then I will be losing my soul badly for what shall I be gaining much of in return? Is it that I am to curry flavours from such a demonic being?

I need your reassurance before I send dear Hans off on this mission. Especially so after the grievous harm done to the bodily person of my beautiful Rogan Josh.

Please be addressing this matter with the utmost urgency. Possibly more so.

Your most lamentable sister,


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