Princess Tikka Masala

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Well, is it coincidence...Dr Frank sends me an email from an address that is belonging to Charles Noel...the day after I had accidentally sent mine from Hans' email address.

Dear Princess Sister,

I received your mail with shock infact I was troubled knowing how you are feeling right now, I sympathize with you and all those concerned. Take heart; remember the almighty knows the best.

Furthermore, I was expecting the information before this news. As I have contacted the office concerned about been able to make your payment ready. I am confused now, they will turn me to be a liar having promised to send the money for the certificate. (How could they think such a thing?) Please I will not like this government to start suspecting me about my relationship with you so as not to lose my job. (What relationship?)

Having approved your fund for payment we should not at this stage delay any matter. So my dear princess tell me what we can do now because we need to get this certificate ready as soon as possible. This is my twelve years in active service in this government I have vowed and devoted myself and job to God almighty and to serve accordingly. (You what?) I will suggest right away now for you to do something so that they will not stop this payment. Some government officials are raising eyebrows to find out why I am so anxious on this your fund. (Me too, quite frankly.) Please you are the one to save my job and me now. (Sound like a good time to start clearing out your desk...) I will get back to you later.

Take heart okay.
Yours brother in sorrow.
Dr. Alex.

Charles Noel (AD)

My initial response is to bounce it back:

Dear Mr Charles Noel

Am I knowing you?

Princess Tikka Masala
Leader of the Channa Dahl

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