Princess Tikka Masala

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And the letter is answered by the exiled ruler of the Channa Dahl, Princess Tikka Masala.

My Dear Sir,

I am thanking you most deeply for your fine letter of June 25th, 2002.

You will be correcting me if I am wrong but I am understanding you from your letter that you will be facilitating the payment of the monies to my estate owed by the sovereign government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, is that not correctly so?

Does this mean you are saying that the most honourable but strangely quiet gentleman who was with me dealing so earnestly is overcome with death and or disease? Please to his family pass on my deeply held solicitations and grievous thoughts.

And I am pondering what has become of the monies that I was sending to him?

Can you be telling me that, I wonder?

And what is it that I am to be doing now? I would be being very pleased if you would tell me this.

You may be contacting me by facsimile transmission on +613 9326 5378 or on my electronic mail at

I am with you most graciously,

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