Princess Tikka Masala

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Where Princess Tikka writes to Sandra Frank and Dr Alex Frank about her misfortune. But does include a newspaper article...

Dear Sandra, wife of my brother,

I am being most miserable but I will not be troubling you with the details. I must be writing to your goodly husband and trouble him. Please be making yourself ready to sooth him.

I most assuredly did promise to tell you about myself but I heart is being wretched and my mind is not being here. I have appending a news paper clipping that may be telling you about me almost nothing but it is at least something.

Yours most sadly,


Dear Goodly Brother,

My emerald is being gone. Rogan Josh is being dead.

My life is being most distressed.

I will be writing more largely when I am knowing more.

Yours most lamentably,


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