Princess Tikka Masala

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Where Princess Tikka receives a letter from Sandra Franks, wife of Dr Alex. Maybe.

Hi Princess,

It is nice mailing you this day,My husband came back one day and told me how nice you have been to him, the prayers and aspiration you are wishing him. I say grace to you and your family.

Really I am not going to talk much about my husband, he is such a nice man, who has human feelings and since I have been living with him for more than twenty -Nine years now he has been so good to me. I hope your husband is doing the same to you.

Princess, tell me about yourself and your family. I work with one of the new Nigerian banks as an Accountant. I would have love to speak with you after your meditation as he said. I am a womanof substance and I assure you that whatever you are doing with my husband he is ready to assist you.

I stop here till I hear from you.

Yours family friend.

Mrs. Sandra Frank.

Where Princess Tikka responds and angles for an extention to the telephone blackout...

Dear Sandra, wife of my brother!

I am having much joy in receiving your letter. I an being truly honoured and am most assuredly being one of the family members.

Your wishings of grace are being most welly received. I am being most impressed that you have been deadlocked for nine and twenty years. You are both being most assuredly deserving of each other. I was thinking to be sending you our holy book of marital blitz, the Karma Sutra. It is dealing in depth with ways of being pleasing to your husband but I am thinking that after nine and twenty years you are knowing already what it is that is pleasing to him. You are being an inspiration to us being less fortunately blessed.

Mrs Sandra Frank, I am needing your advice. I have been telling your husband, the goodly Dr Frank, about my religion's month of oral restraint. It is being very cleansing to the soul and most saving to the mind. I have been telling him that it finishes today; and it is being very truly so. My problem is being that my advisors say that, as leader of my people, I should be showing the strengths of this leadership and maintaining my meditations for a week more so. This is being a powerfully position and most good imaging for me to my people.

But what of my promises to your goodly husband? Will he be being angry with me? I am being caught in between the betwixt and the between.

Please be helping me in this matter.

I am being most impolite in finishing this letters here. I was being filled with resolve to be answering answering your questions about my life but I am weary and must rest. Tomorrow I will be answering your question, if you permit.

Bless you good Mrs Frank.

Yours most serenely,


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