Princess Tikka Masala

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Where Princess Tikka considers other ways of making the payment.

Dearest Brother,

I am thinking that you have forgotten the religious restraints on my being talkative to you. This will be changing shortly so.

I was asking in my last letter to whom I must be paying the moneys for the anti-terrorist certificates. You have been telling me to pay it to yourself and with this I have no issue but if I am having your details I have laid them incorrectly.

Please be telling me of the modalities required to get the monies into your possession.

Would you be accepting the emerald from my navel?

Bless you good brother. God speed your reply.

May Flatulence, the malodorous God of the lower colon ensure your circle of friends is ever increasing in diameter and diminishing in number.

Yours most serenely,


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