Princess Tikka Masala

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Dear Brother Alex is says that there is nothing wrong with being a terrorist.

My Dearest Sister,

I came back from Aso Rock Abuja yesterday sunday 11th of August,2002. I received your mail from my secretary this morning. I want ti assure you that there is nothing wrong in your decision in being a terrowist.

After all we have some terroist herein Nigeria. But because of what happened in United state of America last year, OUR Government made it as a law to monitor any foreign fund. We were celebrating this morning in our office because eight contractors received their payment today. (I hope that this doesn't mean that eight people have paid money to Dr Alex and his crew!) Due to our relationship, I issued a letter to our federal government in Abuja on your behalf on friday 8th of August , stating that princess Tikka Masala written a message to our lagos office concerning his fund. I will inform you soon when we are going to pay the next batch. I must surely make sure that your name is included. Meanwhile, the tax remain the same. I will advise to send the money to me so that I can monitor every aspect of this fund.

Please, I must beg you, don't let this money exceed this week because we are tring to stop some foreign contractors fund because of inability to meet up with our Government demands and I don't want it to affect you.

As soon as you are through with your meditation, do place a call to me so that we can discuss very well. Also try to reconfirm your telephone number to me again.

May the God of Holiest of Holy meet your demand.

Yours Brother,

Dr. Alex

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