Princess Tikka Masala

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Some information from Dr Alex:

Dearest Sister,

Your mail was received with thanks. I heard all you said concerning TANKO Ahmed . the only outstanding obligation holding this fund is $1420 USD. If there is any payment to be made again I think I should know about it. After sending this to you I will place a call to his office to find out what he discussed with you.

I will be going to Abuja Nigeria our Federal Capital today for the final endorsement on those who will receive their payment as scheduled on the 12th of August 2002. As I earlier told you that I made every effort to include your name in the list, but there is no how they can release this payment with out this certificate. If you can try and send the money immediately I will still act on your behalf because of the closeness.

I will be coming back possibly tomorrow to conclude what I have here in my office. Princess dear, I think I have explained myself very well to you, You should not be doubting me again. Do what I told you, you will see the miracle.

Once more, my wife sends her regards to you. She will be sending mail to you any moment from now.

Remain healthy and blessed.

Yours brother

Dr. Alex

NOTE: I have informed Tanko Ahmed about the solemn meditation you are observing. Don't worry about speaking with him now. I will still call him as soon as send this mail to you to explian further.

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