Princess Tikka Masala

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Soothing words from Dr Alex:

Dear Sister,

I received your mail with thanks .After your last mail I contacted all the offices concerned about your questions they decided to help me and assist you.TANKO is a very nice man he is my old school classmate early 60ths.

This certificate is not for you rather it is the usuance of the fund to avoid interrogation or loss of fund on transit.

As soon as you are ready to make the payment do contact me so that you don't pay to wrong person. I promise to help you to get this fund so that you can utilise it for a good purpose. Do not fail to reach me as soon a s you receive this email . May God assist you in all your endeavours

I remain yours brother

Dr Alex.

Another fax comes from Dr Tanko Ahmed asking for the money and for Princess Tikka to contact him. Princess Tikka, always loyal, contacts Dr Alex:

Dearest Brother,

I am being wandering in the lands of waste. I am being torn into both pieces.

Dr Tanko implores me to be sending monies to his secretary and sends demands for me to be calling him. Does he know nothing of the Holy period of Gonorrheae? Is he after me to be breaking my solemn vows of obedience and complicity? What can I be saying to him when I am forbidding to talk with?

It is being most frustrating.

Please be telling me what to be doing next?

Bless you Good Sir, bless you.

Your most anxiously sister,


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