Princess Tikka Masala

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Sister Tikka is concerned that because she really is a terrorist that she will be found out when they do the Anti-Terrorist certificate.

My Dear Brother Alex,

I am receiving a facsimile message from a Dr Tanko Ahmed.

Dr Ahmed was being most graciously explaining to me the reasoning for me to be having a Anti-Terrorist certification.

This is all being well and goodness but it presents me with a problem of such great size that I am quite lost in its resolution.

You see good Dr Frank, I am truly being a terrorist.

I am being Princess Tikka Masala, ruler of the Channa Dahl Liberation Army.

All monies I am receiving from your enterprises will be being applied to enforcing democracy in my peoples. Any search being done by your security authorities will be finding out the truth of my darkness and will be a cause of things not happening.

I am begging of you, Dr Frank, what is it that I should be doing?

Bless you Sir, may Camelphlees, the Goddess of the hirsute regions, make you an abundant repository of her offspring.

Your anxious sister,


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