Princess Tikka Masala

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Sister Tikka is not impressed.

Dear Brother Alex,

How very goodly it is to receive your mailings.

I am being a little confused about the anti-terrorism fine. Is it that your Government is thinking that I am a terrorist? I am telling you that I am most assuredly a terrorist but that this is being only in my own home lands.

What is being the nature of this certification? How can they be telling me about my status as a terrible person from being so far away?

I am telling you if they are wishing to be having terrorism they must just be getting me angry and they will most assuredly be wishing that they hadn't.

How is it being that after I am having supposedly constructed a whole polypropylene plant for the Nigerian Government that they are then asking whether I am leaning on a terrorist? Surely it is being a bit too late for that?

Has not the horse been bolted long since the stable door has been also bolted?

I am not understanding this Brother Alex. Please be explaining it to me.

Please also be explaining the question you have been giving me for the West Union office. It was saying on your letters "what Color". Is this being the full question? Should not there be being something that is colored in that questionable sentence?

In the mean times good brother, may Scrotalwarts, the many-armed God of sexual coyness bless you with his benevolence and largesse.

Yours most serenely,


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