Princess Tikka Masala

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Dr Alex (Brother) advises Princess Tikka that she must purchase an anti-terrorist certificate.

Dear Sister.

How are you today, hoping all is well. I read your mail and they contents well understood. Mr. Abdul Usman is not my AGENT rather he is in international remittance department here in Lagos Nigeria. I was surprised you received a form signed without your information. (Really?) For our own good please do not fill anything on that form, may be it was not meant for you. I have decided to take my time and go to Abuja Nigeria our federal capital on your behalf to make sure that an appropriate form is send to you because I donāt want anything that will delay this payment at this time. Also I will apply for the Anti- terrorist certificate there, the official charge for all the foreign contractors is $1420 USD. (Why?)You will try and send the money latest on Monday so that I can leave immediately. I want to assist you based on our relationship, because my expenses, flight ticket I will take care of that. (Geez, you're a decent sort of bloke, Alex.)Please if anybody send you any document please do let me know immediately. I believe you are going to smile home at the end of the day. Be steadfast in your prayers and please pray for my smooth journey.

Once more, send the money Mr Jude Nwachukwu through western Union money transfer and send the information through my mail so that I can hand over to him as soon as I get there.
Test question: what Color
Ans: Orange.

Try as soon as possible so that I can summit the certificate and a copy shall be sent to you which you will present to your bank on the day of remittance.
May God guide you in all your way.
I await your response.
Dr Alex (Brother)

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