Princess Tikka Masala

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Tikka is delighted. She is to get a new brother!

My Dear Dr Frank,

I am being much comforted by your letter and the contents inside.

Now I am knowing that you have everything in your controls I am now thinking that I can sleep with easiness.

I am looking much forward to the day of the release of the monies as there is many things that it will be assisting me with, most especially my current lackingness of money.

I am welcoming you as my brother! You will be the siblet I was never having. As my new and veneered brother, I will be sending you presentations for your birthdays and aromatically continents for your cooking vats.

I am with my excitement quite damp.

Please be passing on my greetings to your good wife. I am here guessing your state of wedlock as I am having the opinion that a man so gentle must by the forces of the natural mother be also be having a lucky wife.

It is my condiment to her that I am saying that I am sitting greenly with envyness. Please be telling her this for me. She will be understanding.

I will be looking for the form you are mentioning.

Most serenely,


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