Princess Tikka Masala

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Ok. A nibble...

Attn: Princess Tikka Masala,
Dear Sir, (He's not paying attention!)

Having read your mail more sympathetically, (Odd phrase. Sounds as if he wasn't going to answer but that it was a slow night in Lagos and he decided to give it a go. Good man.) I wish to advise you as follows:

Your contact fund have been approved for payment and all we are requesting from you now is your receiving banking details for the transfer of your fund. Also enclose your security fax and telephone numbers for documentation and communication/interview process.

As soon as we receive the above requested information, a copy of telex credit advise form shall be faxed to you, for your careful filling and endorsement and you shall return it per fax # 23417591431 for our onward processing remittance in your favour.

We are awaiting your urgent and immediate compliance to our directive indemnity to enable us meet up with the remittance date scheduled.

Kind Regards.
Alex Frank.(Dr)

Note: Indicate to me through email as soon as you send the information.

Princess Tikka informs Dr Frank that she cannot talk for a month.

I am thanking you so much for your recently letter.

I must tell you that I am rejoicing that the funds are eartagged for payments and I am forward looking to the arrival of the moneys.

My banking detail is as followed:

Bank: Commonwealth Bank of Australia,
BSB Code: 063-744
Account No: 3400-4739
Account Name: Channa Dahl Liberation Army Fighting Fund

I may be facsimilated at 61-3-9326 5378.

It is with some regret that I am informing you that we are into the holy period of Gonorrheae and I am being commanded by our holiest of holy books, the Itchiscrotum, to be refraining from talking. I am having to spend much times in meditations. It is being morely unfortunate when I am remembering that this transaction was being started long before this period was in its beginning. I am regretting that I am being unable to speak the words until the 14th day of the month of August.

I am thinking that this holy month was being made by the mens to get peace and quietly from their wifes.

I will be faxing the forms you are wanting when they arrive.

Yours most serenely,

Tikka Masala.

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