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Where Princess Tikka Masala, exiled ruler of the Channa Dahl, corresponds with the Reverend Doctor William Orji with a view to completing the deal started with other unnamed businessmen in Nigeria. The Reverend Doctor goes quiet on her and she tried her luck with a few of the junk faxes that come her way. Dr Alex Frank comes to her rescue.

Finished. Last addition: September 9th., 2002.

  1. Honorable Contractor.
  2. I am thanking you most deeply.
  3. Progressing with alacrity and dust.
  4. Eternally fertile loins.
  5. I am thinking this is a good thing.
  6. All that money must be worth a fortune.
  7. A different tack...
  8. Revert expenditionally.
  9. Playing with the dead possum.
  10. The holy period of Gonorrheae.
  11. Don't be afraid everything is in control.
  12. You will be the siblet I was never having.
  13. A pointed moot.
  14. There is no anti-terrorist certificate in your file.
  15. Coughing too shall become a thing of the past.
  16. And the answer is: Orange.
  17. Has not the horse been bolted?
  18. The importance of the anti-terrorist certificate.
  19. But I am truly being a terrorist.
  20. I am being torn into both pieces.
  21. Do what I told you, you will see the miracle.
  22. I am just having many racks of doubts.
  23. After all we have some terrorist here in Nigeria.
  24. Would you be accepting the emerald from my navel?
  25. I hope your husband is doing the same to you.
  26. I am dispatching my faithful lieutenant, Rogan Josh.
  27. The Green Eye of the Little Yellow God.
  28. Please be making yourself ready to sooth him.
  29. Round two to the Colonel's Daughter.
  30. Am I knowing you, Charles Noel?
  31. Are you being an agency of the devil?
  32. I promise you there is no problem.
  33. It was being frozen.
  34. I was caught between a rock and a spot that is hardly a place for a rock.
  35. She is currently in hospital under sedation.
  36. I cannot imagine what we are going through.
  37. This was considered to be a very bad thing.
  38. It was being an epic of a size proportional to a bible.
  39. By Friday you will smile at the end of the day.
  40. I am being like a sheep without a rudder.
  41. Send the money today.
  42. Reread that sentence, it's important.
  43. i am a religous person i don't play prank on people
  44. I am being most assuredly amazed.
  45. I did it out of love to you.
  46. Adieu.