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Mmmm...not looking flash. Sent the following message off after a week of silence but it returned with the following message 'Sorry, no mailbox here by that name.' Did he jump or was he pushed? We may never know.

My Goodly Mr Mbecki,

It is now being a goodly week since you corresponded with me.

Is it that the issue is being resolved? If that is being the case, I commend you on your good fortune.

But is it being that you are uncomfortably reluctant to deal with a womanly person such as my goodly self?

Why is it being so that when confronted by busty substances men's brains turn to puddings of milk?

Please be telling me what is happening so that I may either be being assistance to your goodly self or may be moving on to deal with other pressings of matter at my disposal.

Yours serenely but perplexed in parallel,

Princess Tikka Masala.

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