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Princess Tikka is reluctant to send the money:

My goodly Mr Mbecki,

I am thanking your for your fax and its willing information.

I am finding myself most assuredly deeply puzzled by your quandary. Is it that you are telling me that a South African lawyer on a temporary visit to the United Kingdom is wishing to be embellished with American dollars?

Most assuredly this will be precipitating a raining down of the department of foreign exchange upon his horse-hair. A most highly undesirable effect.

I am thinking that as it is being a short trip to the home of the Empire that it will be being most more comforting thing to waiting until the goodly gentleman returns to the south end of Africa and to be paying him in his own currencies.

I would not be being trusting him when he is not being within my sight. Even then I am being with reservations for a table of four.

And thinking beside my thoughts, as executrix of the goodly but deadly Mr Andason's estate I have it in my powers to pay the attorney with monies from the estate. Why is it not being a good idea to be doing this?

Please be telling me that.

I am commending you for your efforts so far so goodly.

Bless you Mr Mbecki, may Salmonella, the diminutive God of Intestinal Chaos ensure that you approach long bus trips with extreme trepidation.

Yours most serenely,

Princess Tikka Masala.

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