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Princess Tikka seems agreeable.

My Goodly Mr Mbecki,

I am understanding your emails greatly and am knowing that you are really Mr Hartly Les but for security reasons mostly known to you this is being kept hidden.

So it most assuredly shall be.

I am in receipt of your documents and will be keeping them most securely also. I have them printed onto parchment paper and secreted in my sari, next to my heart.

Most assuredly I shall in return send you any documents that you should need for the most serendipitous execution of this contract.

My address is being:

25 Little Fibs Lane,
Victoria, Australia.

I am being a bit puzzled by your request for this answer to be being sent by fax. This I can be doing but is it being necessary when emailing is not optionally absent?

And as I was being advising yourself last time, verbal responsibilities are out of the question for the duration of the festival.

Please be advising me of your thoughts.

Yours most serenely,

Princess Tikka Masala.

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