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Mr Harty Les sends a pile of documents. This, of course, means that everything is true, correct and genuinely above board.

Dear friend,

I received your mail and your further information with thanks. I am hereby sending you copies of the following documents:
a) My ID card.
b) My International Passport.
c) The certificate of Deposit in favor of Mr. Charles Andason.
d) The copy of the International Passport used by Mr. Charles Andason for the account.

As you can see, my real name is MR. HARTY LES (yeah?) as indicated in the ID but for security reasons, I do not want my real name mentioned in this transaction. My real name is for you only. I want to be referred to as Thomas Mbeki and my email sent to my private email address as usual. In addition, the name of the bank is Standard Bank Limited and not Pacific Bank Limited as earlier stated in my previous mail to you. The reason for concealing such information is also for my own security. I have decided to reveal all these information to you because I have seen your seriousness in this transaction and I believe that you keep all these information very confidential. I hope that all these documents will help you in taking a decision about participating fully in this transaction. (Oh, I'm with Harty me ol' son. Sorry...Thomas.)

I am hereby assuring you that you will have no cause to regret your involvement in this transaction. (Very true) I wish to let you know that the key factor in this transaction is trust and confidentiality. (Mmm...) If you need any other document in order to assure yourself that you are doing a genuine transaction, just let me know and I will be ready to make that available to you. On the other hand, if I need any document that will re - assure me that you will not make away with my share of the money, I will demand it from you and I trust that you will oblige me with such document or documents.

I will want you to make avaliable your private address so that the Attorney will go ahead to prepare the WILL which will name you as the beneficiary to the estate of Mr. Chales Andason. With this WILL prepared and notarized in your favor, we shall now employ the services of another attorney to process the letter of probate which will now authorize you as the beneficiary to the WILL to write to my bank for the transfer of the money to your account. The letter of probate is the legal bedrock of this transaction. Once it is obtained, it means now that you can now act according to the instructions on the WILL. I assure you that this transaction will only take 10 working days to conclude. (Only ten days? I think it may take a little longer than that!)

I am awaiting for your urgent reply via a telephone call or a fax message that you have received this documents.

Very truly yours,
Thomas Mbeki.

NB: I will also forward to you via attachment a copy of the certificate of deposit.

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