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Where Princess Tikka Masala, exiled ruler of the Channa Dahl, corresponds with the Thomas Mbeki with a view to becoming a beneficiary to the will of a sadly deceased Mr Charles Andason.

Finished. Last addition: November 25th., 2002.
  1. On further investigation, I found out that he died without making a WILL
  2. I would want you to know that this is not a joke.
  3. The holy period of Borborygmi.
  4. As you can see, my real name is MR. HARTY LES
  5. I have them printed onto parchment paper and secreted in my sari.
  6. Please, I plead with you to assist me.
  7. Even then I am being with reservations for a table of four.
  8. Confronted by busty substances.
  9. The fact that you are a LADY does not make any diffrence.
  10. Phlatulence, the wrinkle-nosed God of Social Leprosy
  11. I am thanking you from the heart of my bottom.
  12. Today is Wednesday and I did not hear from you as you promised...
  13. Please be telling me the truth; I am wanting to be knowing it.
  14. Rogan Josh Gambit, declined.
  15. Princess Tikka Masala has shuffled beyond her mortal coils.