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No word from Amsterdam. Have they taken flight? Have I been too weird in my letters?
Have the Dutch police followed up on the phone & fax numbers I sent them?

I decide to harass Lagos.

Sadly to no avail. A short but interesting saga comes to an end.

Dr Shamsudeen D. Usman,
Dear Sir,

As you are no doubt aware I have been corresponding with Mr Golden in Amsterdam regarding our mission to release the Gwarzo inheritance.

Sadly, I fear Mr Golden is not treating this matter with the respect it so obviously deserves. My last two faxes have not received a reply.

Is the man dead? Or just rude?

My party and I are currently due to leave for Amsterdam tomorrow afternoon and expected to arrive there early Wednesday morning local time but I have heard nothing from Mr Golden. I do not understand the man; how can I set off on such a mission if I am not certain that I will be met on arrival? For all I know the blackguard has packed his bags, looted the Gwarzo fortunes, and high tailed it to the Riviera. There is nothing so miserable as pacing back and forth in an airport arrival lounge when the only other person present is driving a floor polisher.

I will not leave for Amsterdam without confirmation that the transaction and its sundry modalities is well organised and suitably resourced.

Is this man the right person for the job? Can you trust him?

Please advise me IMMEDIATELY as to the current status of the project.

Yours in irritation,

Brigadeer. A. Lump,
3rd Light Cavalry. (Ret.)

My final faxed message:

In the absence of support or guidance from either Lagos or Amsterdam I have cancelled my trip.

Please advise of any further developments.

Very quiet. Just the sounds of sulking...