The Perfect Porridge Company

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A faxed reply from Dr. Shamsudeen D. Usman.
A novelty element - this one is to be completed in the Netherlands.

Dear Sir

Thank yo for your fax and your willingness to hekp this family take delivery of their consignment deposited with a Security Company as family treasures. Although, your fax did not come out complete, however, below are the details of the transaction.

You will be required o visit the Security Company in Netherlands where Alhaji Ismaila Gwarso deposited the consignment initially to take delivery of the consignment. Mr Usman, the first son of the family, will accompany you to the Security Company.

It is required that you open a non-resident account in Netherlands in your name first before going to the Security Company. Then from the bank to the Security Company to take delivery of the consignment. This is so because as soon as you take delivery of the consignment, with the Security van, (A van? What is this? A giant piggy bank? What ever happened to electronic transfer?) you will proceed to the bank for lodgment as if the account had existed for long.

The Security Company is GLOBAL SECURITY COMPANY (Inspired name.) and the contact person is MR. EDWARD GOLDEN. You can contact them fr more information as regards the consignment. Please note that the handling charges and Diplomatic yellow papers had been paid for already, (Jolly decent of you) remaining opening of the account.

The family has mapped out 20% of the total amount for you, if you can be able to help them finalize this tranaction.

On confirmation of your willingness to be involved, I will send to you by fax the certificate of deposit. Mr Usman will give the original copy to you on your arrival in Netherlands. Please for a more secured communication always include this code (AD 2000) in your faxes and calls.

I will await your response/call.

Yours faithfully

Dr Shamsudeen D. Usman.

I replied:

Dear Mr Golden,

I have been contacted by Dr. Shamsudeen D. Usman with respect of a financial transaction he is arranging on behalf of the Gwarzo family.

I believe that I can assist in this transaction. As I have been Paymaster General to Roper's Light Horse dealing with such sums hold no fear for me.

Please advise me of the modalities (I had to use it!) by which this issue will proceed.

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