The Perfect Porridge Company

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A new company and an opportunity to use two names that I have wanted to use for ages Amorphous Lump and Gelatinous Goo!

I started The Perfect Porridge Company and sent off a fax in answer to the letter (view) The text of the letter is as follows:

My Dear Sir,

You cannot even begin to image the mixed emotions I had when I received your facsimile message, dated the Thirteenth of June, 2002.

I have been literally tearing out what is left of my once gorgeous locks in absolute pique and frustration at the mendacious and malicious manoeuvrings of those wretched blighters that you so cruelly call my 'partners'. My good Sir, that is indeed a cavalier use of the term 'partners'. I fully believe that they should be taken out and garrotted with a hemp rope. No silk should be sullied for those blackguards!

With regard to the other issue. Before I could commit myself to rally to your aid I must necessarily know what the financial commitment would be - to ensure that it did not place undue pressure on my financial reserves, you understand.

If, as part of the arrangement, it would result in the garrotting (or at the very least horse whipping) of those other scoundrels, why Sir, I would in like a flash!

Organise that and, by golly, I'm your man!

Yours imperially,

Brigadier. A. Lump,
3rd Light Cavalry. (Ret.)

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