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Mr Onu says he is not doing it for the money...

Attn: Nora Lendeby,

Thanks for your mail,It interest me to know that you are willing to assist me on this transaction. At first,I am assuring you again that this business is 100% guaranteed, it is safe, legal and there will be complete documents of transaction to show the source and origin of the money going into your a/c. I am 55yrs. old, and I am married with children, my Full name is MOSES DOMINIC ONU, I am from Royal Cethswayo family in Zulu South Africa, I cannot do anything that will spoil the good name of my Great Family or, tarnish your own image. But let me tell you my intention of doing this business, I am not doing this business because of the huge amount of money involve, am only doing it because of the legality and safety of the business. So send me any a/c information of your choice so that I will apply to the bank for transfer to be processed in your name as the beneficiary, you can send me any a/c and from any bank, even if the a/c is empty just send it so far it will receive funds and we can be able to make withdrwals as well. You have to send me a copy of your international passport for identification and trust I reposed in you that you will never disappoint me now or in the future. you will also send me your contact information telephone/fax number both office and home for easy communication,and we can have heart to heart discussion regarding this transaction as it's very necessary The saving account you mention is okey provided the security and safety of the fund is in place.On confirmation of the above informations ,I wait anxiously to hear from you. Yours truly,

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