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Nora is intrigued by the four watches:

Hello Dear,

I am leaving on Sunday morning and get into Paris very early Monday morning, Paris time. I plan to do a little shopping before catching the flight to Zurich. I will get there on flight AF2454, at 1655hrs. Or so they promise.

The lovely Dr Martins has given me all the hotel information.

Hotel-Restaurant Badischer Hof,Riehenring 109,4058 Basel Switzerland.
Telephone,0041616924144, 0041616923429.

Don't you worry, I will be just fine.

Four wrist watches? How many wrists do you have? Do you put them your ankles as well? Just joking, dear.

I will keep the bed warm for you!!

Yours sincerely,

Nora Lendeby (Miss).

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