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Moses replies:

Attn: Nora Lendeby

I am happy with your strong believe as a Christian am I can assure you that every thing is over come rain come sun shine. For your information i discuss with the Minister of finance yesterday, who advice that i should not travel immediately until the payment of the 52,million is credited to your account after signing and the authentication of all the transfer documents in Switzerland. His reason is because the payment officer in Switzerland may required some clarification from my bank here in south Africa before they released the money to you in Switzerland that I will be in my office to reply them and they will pay you, once they pay you i will collect your payment reference code from the reserve bank south Africa and fly down to Switzerland to meet you next day for our onward journey to Austerial your country for the sharing.pls communicate with me the hotel address where Dr Martins booked for you so that i will be meeting you up after the payment is over. The minister has spooking to Dr Martins in your favour therefore you donāt need to worry every thing is 100%fine, if you live Austerial on Sunday been 13th April what date are you going to arrive in Switzerland? Pls. make sure that you collect the full address of the hotel and phone number so that you can go strength to the hotel and call Dr martins from your hotel room. Make very sure that you have all the requirements like the 7,800usd for stamp duty and authentication for all the documents so as to make it drug fee and money laundering, and make sure you bring your birth certificate for identification thatās all about the requirements, if you want to bring any gift you will bring about 4 wrist watch.

Have a nice day.


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