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Moses goes a bit religious:

Attn: Nora Lendeby

Thank God for your survival the bible said that any rough road at the start must be smooth at the end, after hard ship success comes therefore you have paid the price of richness and now richness is on its way to you.the date of next week is ok, pick a particular date and inform Dr D Martins all so reconfirm your flight ticket.have you confirm from the Swiss embassy close to you weather you and Walter need visa or not, pls. make sure you confirm make it as soon as possible by next week.this time ask Dennis Martins to give you the address of the hotel and the phone number too,where he made a reservation for you so that you will go strait to your hotel and call him to come and meet your that both of you can discuss before you go to the office am waiting for the final date for your arrival in Switzerland.

Mr Moses.

Miss Lendeby replies:

Hello Dearie!

I'm going to get to see you, come hell or high tide!

I am booked to leave here on Sunday morning and to travel via Paris to Zurich. I am on flight AF2454 and get in at 1655hrs.

The good Dr Martins has organised a hotel for us. I hope it has a double bed.

Yours excitedly,

Nora Lendeby (Miss).

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