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Dr Martins is helpful:

Dear Nora,
I am happy you are out of hospital,I have no problem with coming weekend,may be I might be going on holidays in two weeks time,and I would like to round up your transfer before going on holidays.

And also:

Dear Nora,
This is the hotel information,so you can contact them whenever you are ready to come:
1.Hotel-Restaurant Badischer Hof,Riehenring 109,4058 Basel Switzerland.
You can make the reservation when you are ready to come and get me informed.

Miss Lendeby replies:

Dear Dr Martins,

Thank you so much for the hotel information.

I will be getting into Zurich on flight AF2454 from Paris at 1655hrs on Monday.

I am looking forward to finally meeting you. Do you think I should bring a present for Mr Onu? I think he fancies me.

Yours sincerely,

Nora Lendeby (Miss)

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