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Miss Lendeby doesn't arrive. Dr Martins is worried:

Dear Miss Nora,
I am worried,I have been waiting for you call since yesterday as agreed I hope you had a nice fleight.I want you to call me on this number as soon as you get this message,079 677 767 633 for me to call hotel were I made reservation for you,so that their can cancel it,if not I must pay, which is not good on my side because I just want to help you.I am waiting for you call or e-mail and let me know where you are.

Miss Lendeby's niece replies:
(The clipping is the same as the one to Moses Onu.)

Dear Dr Martins,

My name is Vera Noble. Aunt Nora has asked me to write to you to tell you that she is OK. We expect her to be released from hospital this afternoon.

I have attached a newspaper clipping to explain her problems.

I have also written to Mr Onu.



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