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Miss Lendeby writes to Moses Onu.

On the documents presented, note the effect of water splashes on the first one from the Ministry of Finance. And not only does the South African MOF use inkjets to print their letterheads, they are suffering a cultural crisis: reader Oussamah Tamim pointed out that the LHS 'header' says REPUBLIQUE of South Africa whereas the correct title is REPUBLIC of South Africa.

Hello Dearie!

I have your message and you are such a dear to be so concerned about me. The flight was put back because of this new pneumonia bug that is about the place, the SARS thing.

I was not allowed to fly until I had a doctors certificate so my flight got put back but I am due in Zurich on Friday at 2020hrs. I will be on flight AF1054 and at terminal M.

Will I see you there?

I will sort out about Walter. Never you mind about this.

I have received some papers from Charles Powell that are needed by the bank and another one from the Ministry of Finance (Dr. Lati Trevor).

Federal Ministry of Finance
Death Certificate

Yours happily,

Nora Lendeby (Miss).

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