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Moses is helpful!:

Attn:Nora Lendeby.

The letter for Mr Martins is ok please send it to him,and wait for his respond.I told you 7,800usd before and that is what the price for stamp duty stay stand for ,but you said it is only 7,000usd you can raise that is why that i said ok because i will help you raise the 800usd for you and send to Dr Martins before you are arrival in switzerland but it is very still very hard because i have spend so much money so if you can make it 7,800usd the complet amount that is very ok.As both of us will take our expenses out from the 5%aside,which citizen is your gnomes (Mr Walter)so that i will know wheather he will need visa or not or you better go to switzerland embbassy and find out wheather you and him need visa for switzerland or not,the name of the bank which they will going to pay you the money in switzerland is ING PRIVATE BANK this is for your information,If it is possible please fax and e mail Dr Martins again.I tought that you said that you are going to arrival in switzerland on wednesday but you are talking that it is now friday.However make sure that you have to be there on friday,on your arrival in switzerland make sure you go striate to your hotel which he will book for you and call him on phone,you can call on me too.


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