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Miss Lendeby is warned to be gentle with Dr Martins:

Attention: Nora Lendeby,

As per my last email to you, I have succeed in collecting the name and the phone number of the director of international remittance from the minister and the minister have already spokeing to him in your favor to be good while dealing with you on your arrival in Basel Switzerland be informed that he is not loosing any thing weather he pay or not so you have to be gentle why talking to him either face to face or over the phone.

His name is Dr. Dennis Martins
His phone number is 41-798767633
His fax number is: 41-618869484
His E-mail is:

Please call him, fax him or email him now and arrange every proceeding with him including the date of your arrival in Basel Switzerland the hotel you will stay and how he will pay you please call him on the phone/fax or email him immediately so that you can make your flight arrangement right way make him your friend and obey all his instruction and directive.

N: B. Please always refer him to your payment code number which is 0570 when ever you are talking with him about your payment.

NB. The minister suggested that i will be in my office in the very day of payment so that if there is any clarification required by the Switzerland office i will be their to confirm it so that they will pay you therefore he advice that i will be meeting you after the payment or i will be meeting you strait to your country for the sharing and business investment please advice me on how I will be meeting you in your country the airport which I will arrive.

Moses Onu

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