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No problems with the gnome:

Attn: Nora Lendeby,

It should be very very important that you have to talk with the payment officer, in south africa reserve bank offshore payment centre in basel switzerland.

So as to get familiar with him and for him to help you locate a Good hotel where you will stay and arranged the payment,I will collect his name and his phone number,and his e mail address from the minister of finance tomorrow and send to you.

the stamp duty fee for 7,000usd should be in cash and remeber to bring your birth certificate for identification i am waiting for your advise regarding the divorce of my wife but if you have already have a lover in your heart thier is no problem. It is very very Good that if you come with your gnome to switzerland.

Here is my phone number 871+762-990-330,when calling my number do not add south africa country code because it is a satellite phone,just dial your international out going code number,before starting my number.Please i need you to reply this e mail tomorrow so that i will give you the contact of the payment officer.


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