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Mr Onu likes the idea of shares be seems afraid of carriage returns.

Attn:Nora Lendeby,

I will assist you in locating a good hotel and share investment business,stock exchange business and estate management business is my choice too.Please it is better you hurry up to arrange from you traveling to switzerland because the lawyer have assure me by monday all your documents will be ready,and he will send it to you.Moreover be fast in selling your share with hanmex so as to raise the 7,000usd because it is very very important and i can assure you in less than one week after selling your share and visiting switzerland,you will buy so many share worth millions of dollars because this our business is very profitable. i have all so mortgage my house to raise money for the documents on this side,please arrange and tell me the likely date for us to meet in switzerland for your information i have 4 childern but i have divorced my wife about a year ago and we are still in the court therefore if you should consider me that should be very interesting.i will send you my international passport for your view.please confirm to me a very close date we will meet in switzerland it is very very important it have to be as possible.i will get the name of the payment officer his phone number and the city we are going to meet in switzerland from the minister of finance so that you will be able to talk with them before our arrival, even as you dont have a telephone you can go to a business centre and call them


Mr Moses Onu.

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