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Miss Lendeby likes the idea of Switzerland.

Dear Mr Onu,

Goodness Gracious! I am staggered by the cost of the Death Certificate! Over here you can get a death certificate for $10 over the internet! You certainly do have an expensive Government, Mr Onu!

I do believe that I can raise the necessary $7,800 US, this is about $13,000 Australian. I will need to sell my shares in Hamnex, a speculative company trying to make a Bacon and Egg MacMuffin out of edible ingredients, but the way the stock market has been behaving lately I will be well out of it. This may take a week to sort out.

I tend to like the idea of meeting you I Switzerland. I haven't been there before. Can you recommend good hotel?

What business to invest in? Well, I must admit my preferences lean towards share investments. Possibly property. I am not a business woman any more and really cannot be bothered with the pressures of running a business. Better to buy shares in a good company and let someone else worry about making a profit.

You are not old Mr Onu! Fifty five is a very frisky age! I would be more than happy with a 55yr old man! Do you know of any available?

Yours sincerely,

Nora Lendeby (Miss)

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