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Miss Lendeby offered Holland, Switzerland or Canada:

Attn: Nora Lendeby

I have confirmed from the bank about what they requested which you sent to me Yesterday. In this case, I have contacted a lawyer who will prepare the affidavit from the Judiciary Department and he will too get the Death Certificate from the Ministry of Health, but that will cost about US$15,000 so as to get this document and send to you for you to send to the bank.

As per my discussion with the Minister of Finance today, he made it known to me that we are going to spend about US$50,000 to the ministry so as to give us Federal Ministry of Finance Foreign Exchange approval and allocation, hence we are not going to remit the money to your account in Rands which is our local currency, rather it will be remitted in US Dollars. I hope that by the end of this business, I will spend up to $100,000 which I am going to remove from the 5% expenses set aside. On your own side, ,you are only needed to spend about $7,800usd. This is for authentication and Stamp Duty fees which we are going to pay in any of South African Reserve Bank off-shore payment Centres either in Holland, Switzerland or Canada where you are going to travel to for signing of final fund release order so as to get clearance certificate therby making the money and the business to be free from drug, money laundering and terrorits money. It is important because after the incident of September, ,11 2001 during which they bombed New York, the American and European Governments are always suspicious of Large amounts of money that is why we need to authenticate and stamp duty the business. Likewise, your expenses will be removed from the 5% before the general sharing of our formal agreement of 60%(to me) and 35%(to you).

Note that any place we meet, Either in Holland ,Canada Or Switzerland, both of us will travel back your country for sharing where your account is in Australia and I will like you to assist me in business investment which will be between my country and your country, knowing fully well that I am not a businessman, rather a Civil Servant. What kind of business do you suggest that we can be doing with my own share of the money? Advise please.

I have to put all these conditions before you, before I start spending the money in your favor in my country, if you will be able to play your own part, I will start to process all the documents, needed by the Bank as I do not want us to stop half way. Moreover, I am an old man of 55 years old and I assure you that I cannot make mistake at this time, therefore I need a God fearing and Honest man to do this business Please can you give me a brief biography of yourself? so that I can trust you more. I am begging you not to let me down.

I hope to hear from you soonest so that I can pay the lawyer tomorrow. Your bringing the $7,800usd will be in Holland, Switzerland or Canada because we have to pay and have the receipt of the Clearance Fee before the release of the $52M to your account.

Bye for now.


N:B Here is the coorect number of my satlite phone"001-871-762-900-390" so i am waiting for your call.

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