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Last addition: April 28th., 2003.

  2. Perhaps we could cross two birds with one stone.
  3. I am not doing this business because of the huge amount of money involve.
  4. That it is fool clad and iron proof?
  6. It was a huge task, bigger than hell and hotter than Ben Hur.
  7. The death certificate of late Mr. Keith Lathan Coulter.
  8. I would have thought that a Death Certificate was an affidavit that someone was dead.
  9. On your own side, ,you are only needed to spend about $7,800usd.
  10. I am staggered by the cost of the Death Certificate!
  11. i have divorced my wife about a year ago.
  12. I am going to bring my gnome with me.
  13. If you have already have alover in your heart thier is no problem.
  14. My ears just aren't what they used to be.
  15. You have to be gentle why talking to him.
  16. Do you know if gnomes need visas?
  17. This number you mentioned means that you are the right person.
  18. My hotel needs are modest and a economical suite would be most appropriate.
  19. Make sure you go striate to your hotel...
  20. I will sort out about Walter. Never you mind about this.
  21. Give me a call when you are in Zurich.
  22. I am as excited as a kite ands as high as a wet spaniel.
  23. Bon voyage.
  24. Bad news is relayed to Mr Onu.
  25. Bad news is relayed to Dr Martins.
  27. Maree biscuits and hot sweet tea.
  28. I think he fancies me.
  29. Any rough road at the start must be smooth at the end.
  30. I can assure you that every thing is over come rain come sun shine.
  31. Do you put them your ankles as well?
  32. Am assuring you that our bed will be hot.
  33. I didn't hear from you again...
  34. I blush to look back on it now.
  35. You have end up your life as you want it.
  36. I am only human you know.
  37. Kidnapped at GNU point.
  38. Gnome man is an island.