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The Reverend seems to have gone west but Mr Smith the courier returns:


Once you are ready to wire the fund,let me know and i will send you an account.

Edward Smith

Ah my dear Sir!

You cannot believe how pleased I am to hear from you. That glabrous invertebrate West has abandoned me to the low swinging chariots of Pastor Newbery. I had assumed that my plight was terminal and was bemoaning my lot most pitifully. Your correspondence stood out like a pimple on the bum of my despair.

My problem, quite clearly corresponded to Reverend West, is that Western Union need a definite address to send the money to and, as the amount is greater than $500, a description of the recipient. This seemed to be beyond the comprehension of that first cousin of a primordial ooze dweller.

I have much more faith in your ability to carry this to completion.

Please send me the information with great haste. My need is dire.

Yours desperately,

Nick Lucifer.

The Brimstone Chapel,
964/502 Victoria Street,
Victoria Australia.

Phone: (+613) 9838 4333
Fax : (+613) 9328 5338

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