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The lads are sulking; no word from either side. The following is sent to the courier and copied to the Rev.

Dear Mr Don or Mr Charles,

I am most puzzled by your reluctance to provide me with the necessary details to complete my end of the transaction.

Remember Sir, you are just the courier. Do not get ambitions above your station in life. Mind you, I venture that there are few below it. If you try to use recalcitrance to block the legitimate transfer of the box and its URGENTLY NEEDED contents to me then I will be forced to get the Reverend West to find a more reliable contractor.

For your education, not that it is really my place be taking such a daunting and ultimately barren project, I have attached a copy of the Western Union form. The local body will not countenance the sending of the money without all address details filled out.

The ball is firmly in your court. The racquet is too, I suspect.

Yours in absolute disbelief,

Nick Lucifer.

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964/502 Victoria Street,
Victoria Australia.

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