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Nick is happy enough with that situation.

My Good Reverend West,

I am most satisfied that my English confuses you, it is as it should be, don't you think? But you are a simple man so I will endeavour to keep it simple. Does it matter if I have my fingers crossed?

Yes, the letter that I sent to you is a copy of my last letter to the finance company. They are yet to answer it.

The situation is that I am waiting for a reply from them. The form to Western Union requires the full address of the recipient. They must provide this to me.

I hope that you find this simple enough.

Yours helpfully,

Nick Lucifer.

The Brimstone Chapel,
964/502 Victoria Street,
Victoria Australia.

Phone: (+613) 9838 4333
Fax : (+613) 9328 5338

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