Minnie Bannister

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Where Minnie keeps plugging away after some info but puts off that fateful telephone call.

Dear Charles,

Thank you for your email. Unfortunately I am outside your telephone 'window' at present. I will try tomorrow.

When do you think the transaction will go through?

You say you are planning to come over to my country and settle down. That will be nice, I'm sure. Earlier you talked of joining me in business but you don't say that now. Are you ashamed of me? Are you embarrassed that I am a prostitute?

And, please, if we are to be associates, can you tell me a little about yourself? I need to know a little in case the Department of Immigration rings me.

Are you married, Charles? I've asked you this before but you have been strangely silent on the subject!

And do you have any children, Charles?

Can you send me a photo? Would you like to see a photo of me?

So many questions! You must think me really loopy!

One last question: what is a modality?

Yours all excited,


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