Minnie Bannister

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Modesty passes on the news of Minnie's sad death.

Dear Bastard,

Minnie is dead.

I hope you are fucking happy with your miserable fucking self. You messed around with her fucking mind and now she is fucking dead. All she had wanted to do was put $20 in the post to you so you could have a few fucking drinks with your mates but, oh no, you had to have Western bloody Union and Min, poor dear confused Min, went off to fucking do it. Dopey gullible bitch.

I went to see her at the undertakers. She looked so fucking peaceful. I put her silver photo-frame in her cold hands. She was so fuckiing disappointed that it had remained empty. Fucking symbolic ain't it?

I'll probably fucking regret this but I have attached a clipping from yesterdays paper about her bloody unfortunate death.

Good fucking night, bastard.

Yours sincerely,

Modesty White (Miss).

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