Minnie Bannister

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Smarmy Kwame...

Dear Minnie,

Why are you insulting me?you gave me an offer and i accepted it and now you are insulting me,it is unfair.


Min gets set to head off to Western Union.

Dear Kwame,

How can I insult you? True, I am saying that you are a little greedy but is that an insult? Really?

Think about it dear Kwame, I send you a photo and you want to see more.

I offer to send you some drinking money and you ask for $500 dollars, and US dollars too! That is some mighty serious drinking!

Really Kwame, believe me, nothing I say about you could ever be said to be an insult. (Even if I called you a bucket of lukewarm dog slobber?...yeah, I reckon that's a compliment too.)

Modesty has told me where a Western Union office is and I will go there by bus tomorrow. You must promise to think of me when you have your drink.


Hugs & kisses,


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