Minnie Bannister

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Well, he is just playing now...

Dear Sweet heart,

Thank you for the photo,they look so good to eat.

Are you always this caring?you want to give me some money?that sounds sweet.

If you can,do send me USD500 through western union in the name of my lawyer so that as soon as he picks it,it will get to me.

His name is Barrister Obinna Nwosu. Lagos Nigeria

As soon as you send it,do also send the text question and the control number as well.

Let us see if you will be a darling.

Sweet dreams .


Min is unhappy.

Dear Kwame,

You are a puzzle to me at times.

Show you a little skin and you want to see the lot.

Offer to give you enough money to go down to the club and have a drink on my behalf and you want enough money to shout drinks to everyone in the building for the whole weekend.

I ask for a photo of you and what do I get? Nothing.

I ask for a letter from you and what do I get? Nothing.

You are all take and no give.

Western Union? I was hoping to just put some money in the post to you. I'll think about it. But it wont be tomorrow, I'm busy.

Your puzzled Minnie.

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