Minnie Bannister

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Mmm...I think the end of the Minnie Saga is on the horizon.

Good Morning Dear Kwame,

I was a little disappointed when there was no message from you this morning.

But I guess an important person like you must be very busy. Can you tell me about your day? What sort of things do you do?

Much love, Minnie.

The following reply came a couple of days later and is fairly revealing about poor Kwame; not even enough money to go to the club. He obviously suspects Minnie is not all she is cracked up to be. Spelling and punctuation is all over the place. Is he drunk?

Dear , (The name's Minnie, remember?)

How do you do,i do hope you are having swell time with your buddies?.

I wanted to tell you how far i have gone with the transaction(transfer of the funds),but i figured that you are not interested. (But I am very interested.)

Any where,how was your day?mine was not too cool sincve i did not have enough cash to go to club this weekend.

Tell me,do you like big digs?you will not know how big mine is until i tell you. (For digs, read dicks.)

Do you love making love in the pools?or on the bath tops?.

You know it tasts so good to do that.

I tried to imagine you by my side touching my dig ans sucking it real good,but all is a make believe story. (Life is full of disappointments, Kwame.)

Sorry i have to leave now until i nhear from you again.



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