Minnie Bannister

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Young Min writes a pathetic sort of letter to her Kwame:

Good Morning Dear Kwame!

I had looked forward so much to this morning, thinking that I may get a letter from you and maybe, maybe...a photo?

Did you manage to scan your photo so I can see what you look like?

I am really looking forward to seeing what you look like, Kwame.

You have gone so very quiet. Do you not want me any more? Do you find me ugly? Do you not need my help with the financial matter? Are you unwell?

Please speak to me Kwame dear. I must know.

Your poor sad Minnie.

And gets some interesting information about Kwame's previous exploits:

Dear Minnie,

Thank you for your mail.
I am definitely doing okay,and ofcourse i will still need your help in this transaction it was just that you kept quite.
You are not ugly,I think i like what i see in that your photo.
I will scan my photo before the end of this week when i am less busy.
I do not wish to trust as i have been taken for a ride before,i was given a photo by a guy pretending to be a girl when my friend checked him out,it was just a disappointment. (Oh, you poor dear blossum!)
I have vowed not to do that again in my whole life,and youi can now see why i am being very careful. (That's right! You can't be too careful. there are mean, rotten tricky people out there.)

I will send my pics accross to you soon. (Good!)
Hope i am not making another mustake. (Well...)

Till then,take care of your self.


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